Current Activities – October 2011

During October 2011 Secretariat for Health continued with health protection program at newly formed settlements.

By regular communication with health mediators in each settlement and doctors and nurses at relevant Health Care Centers, representatives of the Secretariat kept informed on health care picture and measures needed in each settlement. Help has been provided with transfer of health care evidence sheets from one Health Care Centre to another, several citizens have been directed to examinations by various specialists, advice have been provided on obtaining one time financial help for medical treatment. At Varos settlement in Mladenovac, one person had their documents procured, so that they can obtain Health Care Card. In Makis settlement eight persons obtained new Health Care Cards.

Medical teams from relevant Health Care Centers conducted health monitoring of Roma citizens at all five settlements. Medical examinations required for school and pre-school enrollment were conducted, the children were vaccinated according to age and it has been concluded that their overall health is good. Adult population was examined as well, they were given medical advice or therapy needed, some were directed to be examined by a specialist. Patients who already have prescribed therapy were examined as well and therapy checked. The rest of the population were given therapy or medical advice. Besides examinations, courses were conducted on importance of regular vaccination, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, general and personal hygiene, nutrition.