Current Activities – November 2011

During November 2011 Secretariat for Health continued to implement health care program in the newly formed settlements.

Through regular communication with health mediators for each settlement, as well as doctors and nurses in community health centers, representatives of the Secretariat were informed about general health conditions in all settlements and measures to be taken. Medical teams from respective health centers carried out health monitoring of Roma inhabitants in all five settlements.

Visits by competent medical teams from community health centers were conducted successfully. Examined children who were in good general health were vaccinated according to age calendar, while infants were taken to health centers for regular check-ups and vaccination as agreed with the parents. Children who needed medical attention were given medical advice, appropriate therapy was prescribed and check-ups were scheduled. Adults were also examined and adequate therapy was prescribed, medical advice given and some were referred to specialists. Patients who receive treatment were examined and monitoring of prescribed medication usage was carried out. Other residents were prescribed necessary therapies as needed or only given medical advice.

Apart from medical examinations, education about the importance of regular vaccination, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and general personal hygiene, oral hygiene and nutrition was continued. In this regard, residents of "Kiev" settlement in Rakovica were provided with free dental services, financed by the Ministry of Health.