BITEF Theater

BITEF teatar
Terazije 29/I, tel: 3243-108, 3243-109
fax: 3236-234, 3234-966
Skver Mire Trailović 1, tel: 3220-608

Manager: Miloš Latinović

The Belgrade International Theater Festival (BITEF) founded, in 1989, its own theater in the old reconstructed Evangelist Church in the vicinity of Bajloni marketplace. Apart from organizing the Festival, the mission of BITEF Theater is to spread the influence of BITEF throughout the year.

BITEF Theater is open to all kinds of multimedia arts and expressions, it explores new theatrical trends in its own productions, works on the international exchange of artists, organizes workshops and the most varied street events and happenings. Using BITEF as a model, BITEF Theater employs a small number of young people who master almost an unlimited number of disciplines, skills, and functions. Since its foundation, BITEF Theater has been supporting various kinds of artistic concepts and various types of artists thus developing a quite new and different artistic scene of Belgrade.