Theater on Terazije

Pozorište na Terazijama
Terazije 29, tel. 3229-943

Director: Aleksandar Đaja

It was founded on December 22, 1949, and the founder was the Assembly of the City of Belgrade. This Theater is the only music theater in our country and one of the most important cultural institutions. The Day of the Theater on Terazije is December 23.

The repertory of the Theater on Terazije includes: musical plays, comedies, musical comedies, musical shows, vaudevilles, satires, cabaret programs and the like. It has performed 228 premieres and some 15,000 repeated performances. An average monthly turnout is about 6000 spectators. The Theater has 4 theater companies: drama, ballet, choir, and orchestra.

The Theater on Terazije has played the works of the most significant international and domestic playwrights and composers: "Oklahoma", "Kiss Me, Kate", "Fiddler on The Roof", "Three Musketeers", "Man of La Mancha", "West Side Story", "Yalta, Yalta", "Trip Around the World", "The Story of a Horse", "Some Like It Hot", "That’s My Boy", "Brilliantine", "Front-Page Doll", "The Jubilee", "Dr"... In this Theater, those who staged the plays were: M. Fotez, S. Jovanović, M. Maričić, M. Dedić, J. Putnik, P. Dinulović, M. Belović, Ž. Orešković, D. Mijač, A. Đorđević, J. Marković, M. Vukobratović, M. Karadžić and others.