"Atelje 212" Theater

Pozorište "Atelje 212"
Svetogorska 21,
tel: 3246-146, 3246-147, 3246-148
fax: 3236-215
Box-office, tel: 3247-342

Director: Branimir Brstina

“Atelje 212” Theater came to life in the small hall of the old "Borba" (newspaper publishing house), on November 12, 1956, in front of 212 chairs, with the opening night of the play "Faust" staged by Mira Trailović. It was founded by a group of actors, producers, writers, and musicians, at a moment when there emerged a need for a theater that would play a new avant-garde drama of a great influence in Europe at that time.

“Atelje 212” was the first theater in Eastern Europe on whose stage the performance "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett was played, in 1956. A great success of this play paved the way for a whole range of other avant-garde dramas and authors to be staged in the Theater. Sartre, Faulkner, Ionesco, Camus, Pinter, Adamov, Rozewicz, Joice, Jarry, T. S. Eliot, Vitrac, Schisgal, Kopit, Genet, were performed on this stage before the Yugoslav audience for the first time. “Atelje 212” Theater also discovered new domestic writers and played the plays of Brana Crnčević, Aleksandar Popović, Dušan Kovačević...

From the very foundation, Mira Trailović managed “Atelje 212”, initially, when the Theater was headed by Radoš Novaković and Bojan Stupica, as the Assistant Manager, and thereafter as its long-standing Manager. Led by her hand, “Atelje” made its way through the borders of Yugoslavia and, in time, became a theater known all over the world. Together with Jovan Ćirilov and her other associates, Mira Trailović initiated foundation of one of the greatest European theater festivals, BITEF, which emanated in “Atelje 212” in 1967.

After Mira Trailović, Ljubomir Draškić who had been in the Theater, as a stage-manager, almost from its very foundation, became the head of “Atelje 212”. For twelve years, which is how long he was its Manager, the Theater extended its theater company with young artists, and got a new building. As of 1992, “Atelje 212”, in its reconstructed building, has become one of the most up-to-date equipped theaters in the Balkans. The Large Stage has 385 seats in the auditorium, and the Theater in the Cellar has 141.

Today, “Atelje 212” has a repertory company of 32 actors, but it is also open to those artists who are not permanently engaged by this Theater. The greatest celebrities among the actors still play on the stage of “Atelje 212”, and the best domestic and international stage-managers work in this house. On the stage of “Atelje 212”, the new dramas of contemporary domestic and foreign authors are played, on which the Theater leaves its own, very recognizable stamp. Lately, the performances of this Theater have been breaking through the newly established geographic borders and conquering the world.