"Duško Radović" Little Theater

Malo pozorište "Duško Radović"
Aberdareva 1
tel: 323-8817, 323-2982
Ticket Office, tel: 3232-072

Director: Aleksandar Rodić

The "Puppet Theater of the People Republic of Serbia" was founded on May 27, 1948, presenting its performances in the hall of "Palace" hotel. It changed its name into "Belgrade Puppet Theater" on June 15, 1952, (the stage on Terazije), and got the name of "Little Theater" and a new building on December 28, 1967. After the death of the poet Dušan Radović, on October 23, 1984, it was named after him.

Apart from theater puppetry, this stage also develops other forms of dramatic expression for children and youth, including in its repertory all the drama genres. An important date in the history of the "Little Theater" is March 7, 1986, when the "Radović" Evening Stage was opened for adults.

Up to 1962, the Theater had fostered exclusively the puppet repertory. When it was merged with the Guignole-stage of "Boško Buha" Theater, the decision was brought to have a building constructed on Tašmajdan, which was opened in June 1968. Out of the performances that have lately marked the work of this Theater there should be mentioned "Starting with the Letter, with the Letter…", "All, but Trade", "Captain John Piplefoks", "Ka-ri-ko Theater", "Alas, Todor", "Lucky Luke and the Dalton Brothers". For moving into a new building and for long-standing successes on the Yugoslav and international level special credit is due to the former Manager Radisav Majo Đurović.

"Radović" Evening Stage won a name for itself with the Yugoslav satire and has achieved a high artistic level with the performances, such as "Stradija" by R. Domanović, "To Nušić, with Love", "Hamlet Studies Acting" by M. Vitezović, "When the Pumpkins Blossomed" by D. Mihailović, and "Hey, Slavs, Beat It to the Drina" by B. Đorđević.