Children’s Belgrade Cultural Center

Dečji kulturni centar Beograd
Takovska 8
tel: 3242-011, 3242-012, 3234-941
fax: 3242-314

Director: Dragan Marić

Upon the initiative of the City Pioneers’ Council, the Pioneer Center was founded in 1952, which is the present-day Children’s Belgrade Cultural Center. Satisfaction of the needs of children and young persons to spend their leisure time in a range of activities and use their creativity has been one of the basic principles in the work of this institution since its origin.

The programs that are daily realized offer to the children and young people a possibility to acquire new knowledge about the world around them, to develop a critical way of thinking, and to consolidate their independence and self-confidence. The Children’s Belgrade Cultural Center is the venue of encounter between the children and young people, of children, young people, and adults whose joint activities are particularly encouraged, and of encounters between the adults who, in one way or another, focus their regular activities on children and young persons.

Children and young persons may join the activities of the Dramatic and Ballet Studio, Visual Arts Studio, Studio of Applied Arts, Music Play-Room, Workshops for: animated film, comic strip, "How to Make a Book". The daily programs are created in the editorial boards of: the literary program, visual arts and musical programs, staged program, children’s entertainment program, educative program, and artistic play program.

In the Children’s Belgrade Cultural Center major and important events: "Joy of Europe" Festival, "Golden Siren", "Children’s Film Parade" have been initiated, which still gather thousands of children and young persons and, in the past few years, quite successful have been the "Children Composers" Festival and "Joy of Europe” international gathering of visual artists.