Historical Archives of Belgrade

Istorijski arhiv Beograda
Palmira Toljatija 1, Novi Beograd
tel: 2606-336, 3015-150, fax: 3190-410

Director: Dragan Gačić

It was founded further to the decision of the Executive Board of the People’s Board of the City of Belgrade in September 1945. The main activity of the Archives is protection of archive materials with the authors while created, sorting, processing, lending for use, and publishing of archive materials. The Archives perform this function for the territories of all the 16 municipalities of the City of Belgrade.

Its business premises cover an area of about 4,450 m2 but, out of that, storage – depots occupy some 2,400 m2. The Archives keep in the depots the holdings of 2,521 items in a quantity of 12,283 linear meters of archive materials. The materials cover the period from the middle of the 18th to the end of the 20th century: bodies of the authorities, administration, judiciary, economy, educational, health care, and cultural institutions, societies, associations, personal and family holdings and collections.

The Archives have so far published around 50 publications, collected materials, and studies about Belgrade (Guide of the Historical Archives of Belgrade in two volumes, Materials from the Zemun Archives for History and about the Serbian Uprising, The Rise of Belgrade in two volumes, Minutes of the Executive National Liberation Board of the City of Belgrade from 1944 to1945, Belgrade Between the Two Wars, etc.).

Annually, the Archives are visited by about 5,000 of those interested in the scientific research of archive materials and issuing of public documents needed for regulation of legal and for private legal requirements (length of service, property-rights relations...). The Historical Archives of Belgrade employ a staff of 57 workers, out of which 2/3 are on professional, and the rest are on the administrative and technical assignments.