"Beograd" Sales Gallery

Prodajna galerija "Beograd"
Kosančićev venac 19
tel: 3287-325, tel/fax: 3033-923

Director: Mihajlo M. Petković

It was founded in 1963, as the first institution of this kind with us, whose task was to popularize the works of visual and applied arts through sale. The Gallery is situated on Kosančićev venac, in the old part of the City, in a building, which has been given a landmark status. Its purpose had been changed in time, up to the recent period when it became a specific venue of artists and arts. Actually, thereby a tradition is carried on in that part of the City that dates way back and is related to the setting up of the first School of Art of Stevo Todorović (1859) and Kiril Kutlik School (1895).

In its exhibition premises, it exhibits the works of eminent artists of all generations from the territory of the former Yugoslavia. In the course of its existence, the Gallery committed itself to popularize visual and applied arts on a wider basis as well and thus enable establishment of an organized market of works of art. After a thorough refurbishing, it was reopened for public in June 2003.

Opening hours: work days: 09.00-20.00, Saturdays: 09.00-15.00