"Vlada Aksentijević" Library, Obrenovac

Biblioteka "Vlada Aksentijević"
Obrenovac, Miloša Obrenovića 182
tel: 8721-129, fax: 8723-532

Manager: Ivana Janošević

The workers’ reading room with a library collection was founded in 1904, by donations of well-off citizens of Obrenovac. The Library is not within the complement of the Belgrade City Library, but operates autonomously in the territory of the Municipality of Obrenovac.

Apart from the central library in Obrenovac, there are also 9 outposts:

  • Obrenovac, Dom kulture, tel. 8721-527
  • Stubline, OŠ "Živojin Perić", tel. 8790-510
  • Draževac, Osnovna škola, tel. 8721-338
  • "14. oktobar", Školski put bb
  • Zabrežje, Dom kulture
  • Trstenica, Dom kulture
  • Piroman, Dom kulture
  • Baljevac
  • Konatice

The Library has some 92,000 book holdings. It presents annual best book award to the domestic authors.

Opening hours: 08.00-20.00, Saturdays: 08.00-14.00