"Dimitrije Tucović" Library , Lazarevac

Biblioteka "Dimitrije Tucović", Lazarevac
Lazarevac, Karađorđeva 57,
Tel: 8122-997

Manager: Jasmina Ivanković

It was founded in 1949 and operates autonomously in the territory of the Municipality of Lazarevac.

Apart from the central library in Lazarevac, there are also outposts in the following places:

  • Veliki Crljeni, Cultural Center, 3. oktobra b.b, tel: 8161-493
  • Rudovci
  • Junkovac, Elementary School, tel: 8177-020
  • Stepojevac, Elementary School, tel: 8151-002

The Library has some 95,000 book holdings. It organizes over a 100 cultural events a year. It is the founder and the organizer of the traditional cultural event "Festival of Humor for Children".

Opening hours: 08.00- 20.00, Saturdays: 08.00-14.00