City Center for Social Work

Gradski centar za socijalni rad
Ruska 4
tel: 2650-329, fax: 2650-925

It was founded on December 12, 1991, further to the decision of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade. The City Center integrates the up to then centers for social work of 16 Belgrade municipalities, which now operate as the departments of the Center in those municipalities: Voždovac, Palilula, Zvezdara, Čukarica, Rakovica, Vračar, Stari grad, Savski venac, Zemun, Novi Beograd, Obrenovac, Barajevo, Lazarevac, Mladenovac, Sopot, Surčin and Grocka.

The City Center for Social Work is the institution of social welfare, which exercises public authorities in the area of social and legal family protection. The activity of the Center is social care, social work, and legal family protection, and it is regulated by the Law on Social Welfare and Provision of Social Security of the Citizens, Family Law, the Law on Juvenile Offenders and Criminal Protection of Minors, the Law on Financial Support to Families with Children and the Decision on Social Welfare Rights of Belgrade.

The Center follows the social welfare eligibility procedure in accordance with the stipulations of the Law on General Administrative Procedure. The basic forms of care that are offered to the beneficiaries are: adoption, guardianship, placement in a social welfare institution or substitute family placement, allowance for home help and assistance, home help, day care, family allowance, assistance in vocational training, and other services of social work.

ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES, Ruska 4, tel: 2650-329, 2650-093, fax: 2650-925
Ruska 4, tel: 2650-329
MARRIAGE-AND FAMILY-GUIDANCE CLINIC, Ruska 4, tel: 2650-258, 2650-936
ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT, Masarikova 5, tel: 3061-362