City Institute for Lung Disease and TB

Preševska 33
tel: 3811-800, fax 2414-083

Dr. Ljiljana Timotijević, 2423-094
Patient Advocate:
Nada Jovanović 2411-526

The City Institute for Lung Disease and TB is a health care institution conducting specialist and consultative activities and providing preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services to patients suffering from tuberculosis and other lung diseases that can be treated under ambulatory care.

Head nurse 3811-825, 3811-819

Lung Disease and TB Unit 3811-825, 3811-870

Same Day Care Unit with Rehabilitation 3811-826, 3811-813

Children’s Lung Disease and TB Unit 3811-829

Laboratory Diagnostics Unit 3811-864, 3811-830

Radiology Diagnostics Unit 3811-844

Epidemiology and Statistics Unit 3811-856, 3811-821

Bronchology Diagnostics Unit 3811-846, 3811-839

Lung Disease and TB Clinic
Zemun, Cara Dušana 178, 2613-724, 2617-974

Lung Disease and TB Clinic
Obrenovac, Uzun Mirkova 10, 8723-140