Master Plan of Belgrade to 2021


The Master Plan of Belgrade to 2021 prepared by the Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade was adopted by the Assembly of the City of Belgrade on September 27, 2003.

The entire Master Plan of Belgrade may be examined if you download files containing text, illustrations and/or maps.


The text files enclosed to the Master Plan are in the PDF format:
01_gpb_1-5.pdf - 895 KB
02_gpb_6-10.pdf - 745 KB
03_gpb_11-12.pdf - 280 KB
gpb_specific_records_and_lists.pdf - 160 KB
integral_ working_team.pdf - 112 KB
working_team.pdf - 58 KB

GIF illustrations attached to the texts are in the ZIP folder entitled (900 KB).

After downloading of the files, it is necessary:
- To unzip ZIP files by WinZip Program
- To retrieve or print PDF text of the Plan by means of the Adobe Acrobat
- To retrieve or print illustrations if any of GIF image viewers (ACDSee or equivalent) are available).


In addition to texts and illustrations, the Master Plan also includes 33 Theme Maps. Since it has been necessary to maintain detailed presentations on the Maps, and also keep down file sizes enough at the same time thus to enable their downloading via Internet, we have prepared for you 33 JPG files, of which you may select the maps you need.

Considering the JPG file sizes, you would have either to be patient enough or to have fast Ethernet:
01_1_boundaries.jpg - 318 KB
01_2_public_land.jpg - 452 KB
02_plan_land_use.jpg - 564 KB
03_plan_traffic.jpg - 369 KB
04_water_supply.jpg - 382 KB
05_sewerage.jpg - 347 KB
06_watercourse.jpg - 458 KB
07_power_supply.jpg - 310 KB
08_heating_gaspiping.jpg - 350 KB
09_telecommunication.jpg - 306 KB
10_plan_prioriteties2006.jpg - 391 KB
11_plan_housing.jpg - 394 KB
12_plan_economy.jpg - 271 KB
13_plan_centres.jpg - 324 KB
14_plan_speci.jpg - 296 KB
15_plan_sport.jpg - 268 KB
16_plan_greenery.jpg - 407 KB
17_1_same_rules.jpg - 652 KB
17_2_implementation.jpg - 536 KB
d_01_broader_area.jpg - 517 KB
d_02_blocks.jpg - 475 KB
d_03_durables.jpg - 290 KB
d_04_importance_public_urb_space.jpg - 244 KB
d_05_restrictions_urb_development.jpg - 409 KB
d_06_present_land_use.jpg - 583 KB
d_07_ present_traffic.jpg - 314 KB
d_08_ present_housing.jpg - 386 KB
d_09_ present_economy.jpg - 233 KB
d_10_ present_centres.jpg - 260 KB
d_11_ present_speci.jpg - 252 KB
d_12_ present_sport.jpg - 235 KB
d_13_ present_greenery.jpg - 378 KB
d_14_transformations.jpg - 428 KB

When you finish downloading of JPG files, you may:
- Retrieve the maps by your Web browser, though with a lot of left/right and up/down "scrolling" of the monitor, or
- Save the JPG file by pressing the right mouse button while being over a map and selecting the option "Save Picture As." Afterwards, you may print JPG by means of any of DTP programs (Corel, Illustrator and/or alike), or a JPG image viewer (such as ACDSee or equivalent).

Should you have any problems with either downloading or opening of the files constituting the Master Plan, you should firstly check if all the components of your computer system are in order (required installed programs, proper program formats, connection to the Internet, etc). If in spite of that, you are still having problems, you may address the Webmaster.