Industry and mining


The industry is the most important activity in the economy of Belgrade, with largest share in total social product (26,4%). The firm bases have been made in Belgrade of this activity's long-term development within the frame of reproductively completed complexes:

Energy supply and processing equipment
equipment for power plants, mining, food and processing industry

Machine building industry and industrial engineering
machine tools, equipment and tools, industrial computer systems, robotics and industrial engineering

Electronics and telecommunications
computer technology, microelectronics and telecommunication technology

Agricultural machinery and means of transportation
combines, harvesters, tractors, agricultural equipment, buses, regular and diesel engines and equipment

designing and construction of all types of vessels for all purposes, and up to 7,000 tons of carrying capacity

Pharmacy and chemistry
production of drugs, pharmaceutical products and industrial preparations, processing of plastic substances, derivatives of naphtha and rubber, production of cosmetics and washing and cleaning substances

Textile industry
production of textile and knittings and modern-design clothing of high quality, based on natural wool, cotton and synthetic fibers

Footwear and accessories
high-quality fashion footwear and sports shoes and accessories of natural leather and other materials

Printing, publishing and paper industry
printing of books, magazines and newspapers, production of paper, cardboard and paper accessories

production and distribution of films

The dominant shares in total industrial production have energy supply - 50.5%, food industry - 17.3%, metal industry - 12.2% and pharmaceutical-chemical industry - 7.6%.

The most important export products in industry, in the total export performance are:

  • food products - 23.8%
  • timber - 9.9%
  • final textile products - 8.4%
  • chemical products - 7.0%
  • means of transportation - 6.8%.