Belgrade City Library

Biblioteka grada Beograda
Knez Mihailova 56,
Tel. 2024-000

Director: Jasmina Ninkov
tel: 2024-022, fax: 2024-033

The City Library, judging by type and functions, both public and central, is the biggest lending library in the country. Within the complement of the City Library there are also 13 municipal libraries with a network of their outposts at a total of 74 locations in the City. The overall size of the library holdings is over 1.7 million items at 13,100 m2. It has over 68,000 registered borrowers. Annually, it lands around 1.5 million items and hosts over 1,500 cultural and educational events.

General holdings: 480,000 items; Knez Mihailova 56, tel: 2024-012
Holdings of books of arts: 17,000 items; Knez Mihailova 56, tel: 2024-002
Heritage holdings: 35,000 items; Zmaj Jovina 1, tel: 2636-266
Holdings of periodicals: 1,200 titles; Studentski trg 19, tel: 2620-953
Children’s rooms: 53,000 items; Hilandarska 7 and Dom sindikata, tel: 3238-631


  • Mondays-Fridays: 08.00-22.00
  • Saturdays: 08.00-14.00