City Institute for Urgent Medical Care

Bulevar Franše D’Eperea 5
tel: 94, 3615-001, 3614-690,
fax 3613-489

Dr Goran Čolaković, 3615-007
Patient Advocate:
Vesna Jovanović, 3615-705

The City Institute for Urgent Medical Care is a health care institution providing urgent medical care and ambulance transport of acutely ill and injured persons to other appropriate health care institutions, as well as transport of patients on dialysis and delivery of medicines administered in urgent situations.

Head nurse 3614-180

Health Care Coordination Sector 3615-018, 3615-016
Admissions and Call Triage Coordinating Doctor and Telephone Operaters 3615-002, 3614-070

Doctor’s Advice 94, 3615-008, 3614-350

Adult Medical Office 24/7 3615-001 ext. 119

Children’s Medical Office 7p.m.–7a.m. 3615-001 ext. 129

Zemun Night Medical Office 7p.m.-7a.m.
Zemun, Karađorđev trg 4, 2600-192

Novi Beograd Night Medical Office 7p.m.-7a.m.
Nehruova 53, 1769-794

Stari grad Night Medical Office 7p.m.-7a.m.
Kralja Petra 10a, 3282-351

Pharmacy Unit 3615-010