понедељак, 23. септембар 2019.

Secretariat for Investments

AN INVITATION FOR THE SUBMISSION OF TENDERS for the public procurement 53/2018 „The Execution of Works on the Building of Health Center in Borca, HC Palilula”

Pursuant to Article 57, and in accirdance with  Article 32 of the Law on Public Procurement (“RS Official Gazette” No. 124/2012, 14/2015 and 68/2015),
Secretariat for Investments
Belgrade, 6 Nikola Pasic Square

for the public procurement
„The Execution of Works on the Building of Health Center in Borca, HC Palilula”
(Public Procurement No. 53/2018)

Employer's Name: City of Belgrade, City Administration of Belgrade, Secretariat for Investments
Employer's Address: Belgrade, 6 Nikola Pasics Square
Employer's website: www.beograd.rs
Type of Employer: local government body;
Type of procurement procedure: Open procedure
Subject type: Works
Nature and scope of works: Construction works on building a Health Center in Borca, HC Palilula
Main caracteristics of the works: construction works, building craft works, hydrotechnical installations, roads, electric power installations, telecommunication and signal installations, fire alarms, mechanical installations of heating, air conditioning and ventilation, construction of elevators and hydraulic platform and works on external landscaping with area greening.
of the works execution: Belgrade, Koste Manojlovica Street at k.p. 12618 k.o.Borca,
Classification mark
of Industry: 41.20 Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
Name and designation of procurement from general
procurement vocabulary: 45215100-8 Works on construction of buildings serving as health centres    
Criterion, elements of the criterion award: The award of the contract will be done by using the "Lowest Offered Tender" criterion. If two or more tenders have the same tender price, the contract will be awarded to the tenderer who has offered a longer warranty period for the works (minimum 24 months) from the date of a handover. If two or more tenders, in addition to the same tender price, have the same warranty period for the works performed, the contract will be awarded to the tender who has offered a longer performance security  (at least 60 days longer than the deadline for final execution of the works).
The way of taking over of the tender documents, ie the internet address where the tender documents is available: they can be downloaded from the Public Procurement Portal, from the Employer's website and from the Public Procurement Portal of the City of Belgrade: https://nabavke.beograd.gov.rs
Tender submission method and deadline: The tenderer shall submit his tender by 28.10.2019. until 11 am, regardless of the method of submission in a sealed envelope or a box, sealed in such a way that it can be established positively at the tenders opening that it is opened for the first time, through a Record's office to the address: City of Belgrade, City Administration of Belgrade, Secretariat for Investments, Belgrade, 6 Nikola Pasic Square, (office on the ground floor of the building), with the indication "PUBLIC PROCUREMENT NUMBER: 53/2018 - Execution of works on the construction of the Health Center in Borca, Palilula Health Center (DO NOT OPEN)".
The tenderer shall indicate the name, address, telephone and contact person on the back of the envelope or the box, and he shall put a record stamp with the number and date of the tender on the face of the envelope or box.
Place, time and manner of tenders opening: Public opening of tenders will take place on 28.10.2019. starting at 11.30 am at the premises of the City of Belgrade - City Administration of Belgrade, in Hall 9 at 6 Nikola Pasic Square, Belgrade, in the presence of the authorized representatives of interested tenderers. Tenders submitted after the deadline for the submission of tenders shall be considered untimely. The untimely tenders shall not be opened and they will be returned to the Tenderers with a receipt having an indication of the untimely submission, upon the completion of the opening procedure by the Employer.
Conditions under which the representatives of tenderers may participate at the tendering procedure: Representatives of tenderers shall submit authorizations for representation. The authorization must be registered with the tenderer, stamped and signed by the tenderer's responsible person.
Decision-making deadline: Within the period less than 40 days from the date of opening of tenders;
Contact person (s): Contact person (s): Dejan Kolorogic, B.Sc.in Law
E - mail address: dejan.kolorogic@beograd.gov.rs
Every working day (Monday - Friday) from 07.30 to 15.30.
The chosen medium of communication in the subject public procurement is E - mail.

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