Invest in Belgrade


Belgrade is the capital of the Republic of Serbia, and standing as it does, over the confluence of the Rivers Sava and Danube, it occupies a central position on the European continent. Two international waterways, an international airport, the crossroads of Pan-European Corridors 10 and 7, links to the main rail routes and four railway stations make Belgrade the main communications and logistics hub of the region. Connecting Europe with the East as it has done for centuries, and bringing together various cultures and civilisations, Belgrade long ago acquired the title of Gate to the East, Door to the West.

Today Belgrade is a large industrial, commercial, tourist, cultural, educational and political centre and an important 1.7 million-customer market. The real potential of Belgrade lies in its educated population, who are ready to accept and implement new technologies, and are more open to learning new languages than in any other country in the region. Apart from their qualifications, another attribute of the labour force is its competitive edge and productivity.

The macroeconomic stability of the country offers a secure investment environment and enables profits to be generated through the lowest level of company profit tax in Europe. This is confirmed by the confidence investors have demonstrated through direct investments, which are showing continual growth. Serbia has access to the South-East Europe Free Trade Zone under the CEFTA agreement, as well as having a free trade agreement with Russia.

Belgrade is a friendly and dynamic place to live and spend quality leisure time, with a wide range of cultural events, many sports and recreational centres, a well-established range of places to eat and stay, as well as an attractive night life.

Belgrade is investing significant resources into infrastructure and building land development with the result that there is a substantial amount of building land available for all purposes. The Belgrade local authorities support investment and enable projects to be speedily commenced and completed.

So, invest in your own business in Belgrade, an official Southern European City of the Future!

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