Weekly BG Guide


If you wish the information on the event you are organizing be announced on the Internet site of Belgrade (of course, if the event is of significance for the citizens and visitors of Belgrade), send your e-mail to bcd@eunet.yu

Information on the event should contain the following data:

  • Name of event
  • Type of event (sports, entertainment, show/parade, promotion...)
  • Short description of event (program, authors, performers...)
  • Date(s) of event (starting and ending days and dates)
  • Duration of event (starting and ending hours)
  • Place of event (name and address)
  • Organizer (name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail, web, contact persons)
  • Tickets (points of sale, price or if admission is free)

A weekly guide through the cultural, entertaining, sports and fair events in Belgrade!

Available only in the Serbian language!


Produced by:
Secretariat for Culture
Service for Information

Lazar Bošković

Ivan Krstić


The printed edition of the Guide is circulated in Belgrade published by "Politika" newspaper on Sundays.


The organizers of events reserve the right to change their programs.