Famous Parks and Drinking Fountains


In the territory of the City, there are 39 public drinking fountains that are supplied with drinking water from the Belgrade Water Company. Apart from them, 5 drinking fountains were constructed on the springs. In the territory of the City, there are 18 fountains out of which, the fountains on Nikole Pašića Square and the Republic Square stand out for their size and decoration, as well as the fountain in front of "Intercontinental" Hotel. As of 1959, the very center of the City, Bezistan is decorated with the fountain "Woman with a shell". The first fountain was constructed in 1927, on Terazije nearby the tram loop that was there at the time, but it was removed in 1947, when that square was reconstructed.

In the territory of the ten City municipalities, there are 65 public parks of an overall area of 36.2 hectares. The most famous ones are the Kalemegdan Park, Tašmajdan Park, Park of Friendship, Hajd-Park (Hyde Park), and the Pioneer Park. The first public park was laid out and constructed in 1860, at the corner of Kneza Miloša and Nemanjina Streets, and it was called Finansijski (Financial) Park. Landscaping of green areas started in the 19th century, and the first avenues of trees were planted between 1840 and 1845.