Mayor’s Office

Dragoslava Jovanovića 2, switchboard: 3229-678

Vojin Vučićević, Head of Office

The Mayor's Office performs expert, operative, organisational, administrative and technical tasks on behalf of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the City Council, relating  to:
- direct implementation and ensuring the implementation of the policy of the executive government of the City of Belgrade;
- calling, preparing and holding meetings of the Mayor's team, the Mayor's committees and councils and other meetings of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the City Council;
- preparation of materials to be decided on by the Mayor;
- preparation of work schedules for the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the City Council;
- recording and tracking the implementation of adopted legislation;
- protocol responsibilities of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, the City Council and the chairman and deputy chairman of the Assembly;
- organisational, administrative, technical and protocol tasks for the City Manager and the Chief Architect;
- public communication tasks for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, relating to informing the public of the work of the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor, internal communication, organising press conferences, coordinating communication between the City administration and the public;
- international cooperation responsibilities, and other organisational, administrative and technical responsibilities.

International affairs, tel: 3247-424, tel/fax: 3344-675