Tax Administration

Trg Nikole Pašića 6, Switchbord. 3216-497

Violeta Nićiforović, Secretary
Slobodan Spasenović, Deputy Secretary

The Secretariat is responsible for the following activities:

- determining control and payment collection of the budgetary revenues of the City and the budget of City municipalities in the competency of the Secretariat in accordance with the regulations as well as the assessment of market value of intangible assets in accordance with the Law on Public Property, in the procedures of enforced collection of tax debt, and the assessment of intangible assets owned by the City of Belgrade;
- activities related to determining, controlling and collecting annual property tax, local utility taxes, fees for the services of environmental protection and improvement and other public revenues competency of the Secretariat in accordance with particular regulations, shall be performed within the departments in the territories of all City municipalities.

Departments whose work is associated with the specific territories of the City municipalities receive clients daily in the period from 8-14h, with the exception of Wednesday when the working hours are from 8.30h.

The activities concerning coordination of work of the departments responsible for the territories of the City municipalities, tax accounting, regular and enforced collection of payments, filing claims for starting tax court proceedings and the assessment of the market value of intangible assets, are performed in the institution operating at the address of 6 Trg Nikole Pašića.