Secretariat for Public Transport

27. marta 43-45, tel. 3227-241

Radovan Kremić, Acting Secretary, 3309-005

, Deputy Secretary

The Secretariat for Public Transport is responsible for the following activities:
- organising, manner obtaining and using public shuttle transortationof passengers (including public transport by the means of a shuttle bus, trolleybus, tram, tube, cable car, city railway, passage boat, ferryboatand commercial boat), transport organisation as part of the regular sailing;
- organising and method of taxing transport in the territory of the city;
- improving energy efficiency in the system of public transport;
- public procurement in the field of public transport;
- providing licenced rights and consulting services for“ORACL-ERP” softwear solutions implemented within the public utilities companies;
- introducing new technologies in the fields of RPTand informing the users;
- regimes of public transport under the regular conditions, as well as in the conditions of temporary occupations (construction works, events, promotional activities, supples, etc.);
- transport and technical conditions with respect to the planning documentation (spatial and urban planning) and elaboration of urban planning projects and conducting a unified procedure in the proecedure of issuing construction site conditions for elaborating technical documentation;
- tariff policy and revenue control and other activities within the scope of the Secretariat’s competenciesin accordance with the law, the City Statute and other regulations.

The Secretariat for Public Transport conducts surveillance over the operation of public utilities companies and entities entrusted with the business activities of regular public tranport.