Secretariat for Inspection, supervision and communication

27. marta 43-45, switchboard: 3227-241

Duty inspectors: 3222-262, 3309-760, 3309-762

Sonja Božović, Secretary, 2753-459
Vlada Cvijović, Acting Deputy Secretary, 2753-459

Visiting hours – Sector for Duty Inspections: daily 7 -22 h.

The Secretariat performs tasks assigned to it in accordance with the law and other regulations, which are related to the inspection in the field related to utility activities and other fields such as: road traffic and maintenance and protection of streets and roads, trade and tourism, protection of environment, water supply protection, construction of facilities, spatial and urban planning in the city of Belgrade.

For purposes of performing primary and delegated tasks regarding the state administration, following internal units are established:

  • 1. Sector for communal inspection supervision, duty inspection and executive procedure
  • 2. Sector for traffic inspection supervision
  • 3. Sector of inspection for environmental protection, water and tourist inspections
  • 4. Sector for construction and urban inspection supervision, phone: 3309-656
  • 5. Sector for normative, administrative-supervisory, administrative-legal and legal affairs for the inspection supervisor - phone: 3309-269
  • 6. Department of Finance and Public Procurement for inspection supervision - phone: 3309-245
  • 7. Sector for communal militia affairs
  • 8. Sector for communication