Secretariat for Social Welfare

27. marta 43-45, switchboard: 330-90-92, 330-90-93, 330-90-94

Petar Jordanov, Acting Secretary, 3309-085
Jasmina Ivanović, Deputy Secretary, 3309-094

Visiting hours: on workdays from 9-15h.

The Secretariat for Social Welfare performs tasks related to provision of rights and social welfare services in the City of Belgrade which are in accordance with laws and acts of the City.

The Secretariat is responsible for tasks related to: drafting acts and undertaking activities related to the establishment of social welfare institutions and exercising founding rights over social welfare institutions founded by the City.

The Secretariat is responsible for the tasks related to: determining the form of financial support in the field of social welfare, protection of war- veterans and  war invalids in accordance with the laws of the city; supporting the implementation of the programmes of the public interest; supporting aid programmes for refugees and internally displaced persons; participation and monitoring the treatment of a person from the informal settlement; participation in the development of strategic documents of the city in improving the situation of Roma and related action plans and supporting of the implementation of social housing programmes.
Secretariat conducts public procurement procedures in connection with the provision of social welfare services and monitors public procurement procedures carried out by social welfare institutions for which funds are provided from the City budget.

In the first-instance proceedings, the Secretariat decides on: the additional forms of protection of mothers living in the City of Belgrade, based on the city laws; on the right of persons with disabilities to freely use marked parking spaces in public car parks in the city, based on the laws of the City. 
The Secretariat performs tasks related to the award of subsidies to municipal services and activities related to the provision of additional rights of NOR participants, war-veterans, war invalids and families of fallen soldiers and civilian war invalids in the field of veterans and invalid social welfare protection under the laws of the City.

The Secretariat carries out activities related to the revision of the rights on the basis of the City laws.

The Secretariat is responsible for state administration tasks, delegated to the City by the Republic, in the field of  social welfare, veterans and invalid protection and financial support to families with children and other activities based on the laws of the city and the tasks that the Republic delegates to  the City.