Secretariat for Assembly Affairs and Regulations

Dragoslava Jovanovića 2, switchboard: 3229-678

Nataša Đukić, Secretary, 3241-909
Mladen Mladenović, Deputy Secretary, 3216-246

The Secretariat for Assembly Affairs and Regulations is responsible for:
- expert and organisational services to the City Assembly and the City Council relating to the preparation of sessions of the Assembly and processing of resolutions passed at the sessions of these bodies, storage of original working documents of these authorities and keeping records of sessions held;
- selection and appointments that are under the jurisdiction of the City authorities;
- expert and organisational services for the Head of the City administration;
- providing expert assistance to the City administration in preparing draft regulations and their harmonisation with the legal system;
- offering expert legal opinions to the City Assembly, the Mayor and the City Council concerning the legality of City legislation;
- preparation of regulations and materials relating to the position of the City and the City municipalities and other matters concerning local self-government units, the organisation and operation of the City Assembly and the City Council, as well as other regulations  which are not under the jurisdiction of other departments;
- preparation of responses to the Republic of Serbia Constitutional Court regarding disputed City regulations;
- preparing edited versions of City regulation documents;
- editing the Official Gazette of the City of Belgrade, expert and organisational tasks on behalf of specific working bodies of the City, as well as other tasks, in accordance with City regulations.