Secretariat for Utilities and Housing Services

Kraljice Marije 1/XIII-XIV

Rajko Tanasijević,Secretary, 7157-278, fax 3376-367
Predrag Veinović, Deputy Secretary, 7157-278

Visiting hours daily from10-14h.

The Secretariat for Utilities and Housing Services is responsible for the following activities in accordance with the Article 59 of the Decision of the City of Belgrade Administration(”Official Gazette of the City of Belgrade”, No 8/13-consolidated text, 9/13-corrig., 61/13, 15/14 and 37/14):

  • organising and ensuring material and other conditions for permanent performance of communal services and their development:

- drinkingwater supply;
- cleaning and draining rainwater and waste water;
- organising the method of using and managing spring water, public wells and fountains;
- graveyard management and funeral services;
- city market management;
- maintaining cleanliness ofpublic surfaces;
- maintaining public green areas;
- chimney sweeping services;
- zoo hygine services.

  • determining general conditions of maintaining community orderin the city;
  • surveillance of the performed communal and other activities within the competency of the Secretariat;
  • maintaining residential buildings and their safe usage;
  • reconstructing facades of the buildings with recognised cultural values, in accordance with the law;
  • implementing public procurement within the competency of the Secretariat;
  • ensuring funds for marking the names of streets and squares in parts of the city  territoryand performing other activities, in accordance with the law, the City Statute and other regulations.

The Secretariat also performs public administration activities entrusted by the Republic to the City in terms of the fields within the competency of the Secretariat.