City Council

The City Council is a body of the City of Belgrade that coordinates the implementation of the Mayor and City Assembly’s functions, and it carries out the control and supervision over the performance of the City Administration.

The City Council is composed of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and 13 members. The members of the City Council are, further to the proposal of the Mayor, elected by the City Assembly for the period of four years.

Members of the City Council are:
Dragomir Petronijević
Tanja Popović
Stevo Marušić
Miloš Dangubić
Zoran Adamović
Marina Ristić
Filip Marjanović
Fadilj Eminović
Danijela Mirjanić
Vladimir Jestratijević
Slobodan Šolević
Milan Janković

The Mayor convenes and presides over the sessions of the City Council.

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