Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction

Kraljice Marije 1/VIII-X


Marko Kulić, Secretary, tel. 7157-212
Deputy Secretary, 7157-212

Visiting hours: on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8-10h.

Secratariat for Urban Planning and Construction is responsible for the following activities:
- preparation, adoption, documentation and storage of planning documents and urban plans;
- considering the initiative for elaborating planning documents;
- preparing the decision on elaborating planning documents, drafts and proposals with regard to planning documents;
- passing the decision on the strategic assessment of the effects made on the environment;
- preparing the implementation programme regarding the regional urban planning;
- conducting tender announcements in the procedure of urbanland management and verifying the urban land management project;
- issuing the information on the construction site, except for the ones issued by the City municipality;
- issuing site construction terms, except for the ones issued by the City municipality;
- conducting the procedure of control and verifying the urban plan and the land lotting and the pre-land lotting project, except for the ones issued by the City municipality;
- passing the decision on removing facilities and the decision on issuing the facility removal permit, except in the case of performing inspection decisions;
- managing the information system planning documents, spatial conditionsand urban and technical documentation;
- issuing consent with respect to the plans for building smaller prefabricated facilitiesof temporary usage on public and other spaces and other forms of consent for their construction (kiosks, terrace restaurants, stallsand other removable facilities);
- participating in preparingregulations and other acts passed by the city authorities within the competency of the Secretariat;
- performing other activities in accordance with the law, the CityStatute and other regulations.

The Secretariat also performs other entrusted activities, with regards to the following:
- issuing construction permit with respect to buildingfacilities that exceed 800 m2in gross floor area, as well as issuing the usage permit required for such facilities;
- issuing decision to verify construction works in accordance with Article 145 of the Law on Urban Planning and Construction, as well as issuing the usage permit at the investor’s request, regarding specific construction works;
- performing other public administration activitiesentrusted by the Republic to the City.

The Secretariat conducts the unified procedure in the enacting proceedings performed for the sake of exercising the rights to construction and facility usage.

„Belgrade Urban Planning Bureau”, PE

Belgrade Land Development Public Agency