Barajevo, Svetosavska 2, tel: 8302-115
Chairman of the Municipality: Slobodan Bata Adamović, tel: 8302-118

The Municipality of Barajevo covers an area of 21,312 hectares, which is inhabited by a population of around 25,000.

Numerous springs in the territory of the present-day Municipality had been the precondition for settling in this territory. Tradition has it that, in old times, someone said: "bara je ovo" (this is a pond). That is the origin of the name of Barajevo that has remained to the present days. The settlement was mentioned, at the time of the Ottoman administration, under the name of Baraj and, at the time of the Austrian occupation, under the present name. The Municipality of Barajevo joined the community of Belgrade municipalities in 1955.

The Day of the Municipality is October 10, the date of liberation of Barajevo in the Second World War.