Sopot, Kosmajski trg 5, tel: 8251-211
Chairman of the Municipality: Živorad Milosavljević, tel: 8251-155

The Municipality of Sopot covers an area of 27,075 hectares, which is inhabited by a population of 20,527.

The name Sopot is of Old Slavic origin and it means - "a spring or water that pours out". The township of Sopot developed amidst the village of Ropočevo and it was mentioned for the first time on Langer’s map from the beginning of the 19th century, where Ropočevo and Sopot were plotted as separate villages. It has been within the community of Belgrade municipalities since 1956.

The Day of the Municipality of Sopot is July 2, the date of formation of the Kosmaj Partisan Detachment.