Water Supply and Sewage of Belgrade

JKP "Beogradski vodovod i kanalizacija"
Deligradska 28
Tel. 3612-790, Fax 3606-790
e-mail: bvk@bvk.rs

Director: Dragan Đorđević

Contact Centre: 3606-606 (00-24), Fax 3606-697
Customer Centre, Kneza Miloša 27

Surface Water Treatment Department, 557-596
Ground Water Treatment Department, 153-212
Water Distribution Department, 464-228
Maintenance Department, 510-057
Transport and Plant/Equipment Department, 764-189
Sewage Network Department, 2432-601
Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Plants, 2433-316
Sales and Collection Department, 3402-002
Commercial Department, 3606-706
Financial Department, 3606-638
Investment Department, 554-455
Development and Designing Department, 3606-617
Security, Defense and Protection Department, 544-599
General Legal and Human Resources Department, 36-06-741
Management and Control Centre BVKS, 3606-622
Sanitary Inspection Service, 557-657
ADP Service, 3606-628
Marketing and Information Service 3606-647

The Bulboder Water Supply System was built in the 16th and 17th Centuries, while the Varoški Water Supply System was built in the 18th Century. The spring water was tapped. All the distribution piping was gravity piping, and water was used via public drinking fountains. The modern water supply system of the City of Belgrade was started up on July 12, 1892. The Beogradska kanalizacija Company (sewage system) was founded in 1905.

The water supply system of Belgrade consists of: fountainheads with water intake structures, water treatment plants, distribution piping, including the associated structures (such as pumping stations and water tanks). The major structures of the Beogradski vodovod facilities are the "Makiš" Plant for treating river water and Banovo brdo, Bežanija and Bele vode Plants.

The basic operations of the Public Utility Company are  the production and treatment of water, supply of good, sanitary and bacteriologically proper water to the City, as well as collection/drainage of the waste- and stormwater from the urban territory of Belgrade provided with the sewage disposal system. The Company employs approximately 3700 employees.

The available water quantity used for the water supply to the City is limited:
- by the capacity of active fountainheads, and
- by the capacity of the water treatment plants.

The citizens may address this Company due to cuts out of water, poor pressure occurrences in the distribution piping, water poor quality and/or contamination, various failures of the distribution piping, obtaining of the approvals to the building investment and engineering documentation, replacement of present watermeters, complaints regarding consumed water high averages or charged bill amounts. If it is not possible to detect where the loss of water occurs in the network, a citizen is entitled to address this Company in order to have facts of the case established.