PUC „Infostan tehnologije”

JKP "Infostan tehnologije"
Danijelova 33
tel: 3954-240, fax: 2464-355
e-mail: infostan@infostan.rs

Acting Director: Strahinja Danilović

Info Service (00-24): 395-4240


The aggregated collection system of bill charges for the public infrastructure use was introduced in Belgrade in 1978, and the organization of such a system has been entrusted to the Public Utility Company "Infostan tehnologije" the founder of which is the Assembly of the City of Belgrade.

The Information Local Offices of the "Infostan tehnoogije" Company, Public Utility Companies and Public Enterprises, being participants in the aggregated collection system, and local offices of other organizations the data being shared with are connected to the communication network of the aggregated collection information system. The integral information system of the aggregated collection for the City of Belgrade, "Infostan tehnologije" is implemented for 650,000 beneficiaries of the public services, or 13 suppliers that provide 18 utility services within the system.

The "Infostan" Company employs about 230 employees organized in three Departments:
- Aggregated Collection Department,
- Accounting Department, and
- Legal, Technical and Administrative Department.