Greenery Belgrade

JKP "Zelenilo Beograd"
Ulica Rajkova broj 15, 11070 Novi Beograd
tel: 6676-776, 6676-183

Director: Slobodan Stanojević

Info-Centre, Mali Kalemegdan 8, tel/fax: 2630-506 (07.30-15.30)
On-Duty Emergency Service (00-24): 2650-683

Division of Upkeeping the Public Landscaped Areas, Mali Kalemegdan 8, tel: 2622-344, fax: 2624-272
- Technical Preparation Service, Mali Kalemegdan 8, tel: 2622-481
- Operating Unit Tašmajdan (Stari grad, Vračar, Palilula and Zvezdara), Bul. kralja Aleksandra bb, tel: 3035-519
- Operating Unit Topčider (Savski venac, Voždovac, Rakovica and Čukarica), Sarajevska bb, tel: 2684-690
- Operating Unit Novi Beograd (Novi Beograd and Zemun), Aleksinačkih rudara bb, tel: 2670-143
- Operating Unit "Tree Lines", Rankeova 17, tel: 2433-898
- Operating Unit "Upkeeping of Woods", Rankeova 17, tel: 2430-024
- Ecology and Protection Service (phytopathologic and entomological protection of the public areas), Jovana Rajića 5e, tel: 2835-317
- Flower Stands Service, Jovana Rajića 5e, tel: 2835-300
Construction Division, Surčinski put 2, tel/fax: 2690-441
Planting Production Division (planting and flower materials, decorative plants and sales), Vojvode Stepe 405, tel: 3974-956, fax: 2461-627
Operating Unit of Plant Production and Plant Decoration, Vojvode Stepe 405, tel: 3974-965, fax 2461-097
Flower Stock Market (Interflora), Cvetni trg, tel: 3640-352
Commercial Division, Surčinski put 2, tel: 6600-521, 6670-084, 6670-293, 6600-550
River Coasts and Coastal Area Operating Unit, Karađorđeva 2-4, tel: 2622-596, 2621-554
Transport and Plant/Equipment Division, Surčinski put 2, tel: 6675-574
Administrative and Technical Division, Surčinski put 2, tel: 6676-183, 2602-186

The predecessor of the PUC "Zelenilo Beograd" was the Department for Parks established in 1929 as an organizational unit of the Technical Directorate at that time. The Company’s operations comprise the trimming and upkeeping of the public landscaped areas, coasts and coastal areas, maintenance of fountains, drinking fountains and public sanitary facilities, production and repairs of park, sports and other accessories, production of flowers and other decorative plants and additional planting in parks or woods, if required. The Company employs around 1600 employees and currently, its personnel includes 115 staff members who have the University Degree Education, and more than 80 of them are the forestry engineers and architects.

Besides the stated public services performed at the territory of 10 City municipalities, the Company performs the operations, such as landscaping of newly established parks, landscaped and recreational surfaces and to a minor extent, sales of flowers, planting materials, seeds, plant protection agents and other goods, along with the preparation of the capital investment and engineering documentation required for the landscaping and reconstruction of existing parks, landscaped and recreational surfaces and associated accessories and equipment.

Upkeeping of the public landscaped areas imply cultivation and regeneration of planting materials, maintenance of pathways and accessories, maintenance and replacement of the installations and inventory pertaining to the landscaped areas, cleaning and undertaking the protective measures against fire and other natural disasters, insects and plant diseases. The scope and quality of the public landscaped area upkeeping is specified according to the classification category such an area falls in; considering the social and historical significance, location, purpose, quality of equipment, number of beneficiaries and upkeeping cost-effectiveness, the parks (66 in total), squares, street lawns, roads and housing projects are classified in five categories characterized by a specific number of repeating the basic operations for the greenery upkeeping in conformity with the table of the accepted upkeeping/maintenance norms.

The PUC "Zelenilo Beograd" upkeeps totally 920 facilities that cover the area of 2886 hectares, as well as 67,063 tree-trunks in tree lines, 28 sanitary facilities and approx. 2500 flower stands. The keeping of parks and recreational surfaces is organized through park keepers and foresters service that employs 30 park keepers and 15 foresters deployed at all ten Municipalities.