City Marketplaces

JKP "Gradske pijace"
Živka Karabiberovića 3
Tel. 7806-451, 7806-452
Fax 6401-928, 780-6682

Director: Bojan Bajagić

Info-Centre: 380-6450

First Zone – Green Markets:
Kalenić, Maksima Gorkog bb, 2450-350, 2430-957
Zeleni venac, Jug-Bogdanova bb, 262-3847
Skadarlija, Džordža Vašingtona bb, 322-3472, 322-4331
Palilula, Ilije Garašanina bb, 324-7802
Smederevski đeram, Živka Karabiberovića 3, 2423-451
Zvezdara, Bul. kralja Aleksandra 293, 380-9823
Mirijevo, Matice srpske 43, 342-6545
Vidikovac, Partizanska 92, 233-5937
Dušanovac, Ljube Nedića bb, 2496-276
Banjica, Crnotravska 10/1, 367-1727
Banovo brdo, Požeška 41, 2541-667
TC Novi Beograd, Aleksinačkih rudara bb, 2692-736
Blok 44, Jurija Gagarina bb, 2158-232
Zemun, Masarikov trg 17, 2198-948

Second Zone – Green Markets:
Senjak, Koste Glavinića 6, 265-3656
Nova Karaburma, Uralska bb, 757-744
Stara Karaburma, Sime Šolaje bb, 757-744
Konjarnik, Ustanička 205, 488-7640
Miljakovac, Vareška bb, 3582-565
Braće Jerković, Braće Jerković bb, 397-4981
Voždovac, Jove Ilića 72, 463-327
Železnik, Radnih akcija 75, 2571-191
Bele vode, Crveno barjače 6, 2512-009
Borča, Koste Manojlovića bb, 332-7019
Gornja varoš, Senjska bb

Third Zone – Green Markets:
Novo Kijevo, Jagodinska bb, 233-0342
Bežanija, Vojvođanska 56, 1767-287
Tržni centar Krnjača, Zrenjaninski put 28, 2711-919
Košutnjak, Pere Velimirovića bb
Mali mokri lug

Goods Markets:
Shopping Mall "Depo", Bul. kralja Aleksandra bb, 4440-826
Flee Market, Miljakovac, Vareška bb, 3582-565
Open-Air Shopping Mall, Proleterske solidarnosti bb, Novi Beograd, 3017-052, 2160-420
Wholesale Goods Market, Blok 53, Novi Beograd, 3161-532, 3160-602

The Company’s operations include:
- Maintenance and equipping of markets and market structures meant for wholesale and retail sales of agricultural and food products;
- Construction and reconstruction of markets and market structures, purchasing of market equipment and devices for the Company's needs by both own funds and funds secured by the founders;
- Renting of market structures and areas for sales of handicraft and home industry articles, as well as other non-alimentary products and cattle in conformity with the current regulations;
- Erection, maintenance and renting of street stalls and cubicles at the locations intended for retail sales of non-alimentary products of mass consumption.
- Record keeping on the retail sales turnovers of agricultural and alimentary products, and price fluctuation regarding the individual sector for the statistical purpose.

The Company has at its disposal 294,366 m2 of the market area distributed among 33 marketplaces, out of which the commercial area covered by structures, stalls and/or wire-mesh boxes amounts to 54,431,16 m2. Totally, 1391 commercial structures are located there, covering the market area of 34,355.16 m2, while the overall number of 9240 stalls covers the area of 18,388 m2 and 844 wire-mesh boxes the area of 1688 m2. The marketplaces are distributed in 3 zones according to their locations.

The market operations are handled by approximately 300 permanent employees, 79 of them occupy the job posts in the administrative and technical services, and other employees discharge their duties at the markets.

Since its founding, the Company has been raising funds for its public operations out of the renting public services (such as renting of stalls, outlets and other market commercial area).
Income sources include:
- renting of market commercial area, such as:
- permanent/brick structures (outlets, warehouses and others),
- pre-fabricated structures (booths, gardens, atriums, numbered parking places and others),
- booking and collection of the daily charges for the market equipment utilization (stalls, wire-mesh boxes, display refrigerators, cubicles and other equipment).


The Wholesale Goods Market of the total sales area of 125,000 m2 is intended for the wholesale of agricultural and food products. In the high season, the daily turnover of fruits and vegetables at this Market ranges between 100 to 150 tons. The Wholesale Goods Market represents a significant supply factor of the City inhabitants.

The Open-Air Shopping Mall New Belgrade has the character of a retail goods market, where handicrafts and home industry non-alimentary products could be found; it stretches over the area of 43,000 m2, and has 2612 market stalls, 46 outlets of the total commercial area of 1542.89 m2, 79 typical pre-fabricated booths and 35 booths, being the property of the lease-holders.

The Zeleni venac Market is the green market of the First Zone that covers the area of 8062 m2. The Market is the cultural and historical monument and it is placed on the Register of the Belgrade City Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.

The First Zone Kalenić Market is the green market located in the Downtown and it stretches over the area of 11,744 m2. The Market has the character of the Kalenić legacy and its reconstruction would require special approvals.

The developing plans on the green markets provide for the construction of dairy product halls, more detailed reconstruction of the major and central City markets (strictly observing the requirements of the competent institutions and/or specific qualities of each market), as well as the construction of a wholesale farmer’s market and Information Network that is to interconnect all the City markets.