Funeral Services

JKP "Pogrebne usluge"
Ruzveltova 50
tel: 270-1300, fax: 329-1517

Director: Mr Dragan Baltovski

Info-Centre: 208-3476
On-Duty Center (00-24): 207-1333, 207-1377

Operating Unit "Services", Ruzveltova 50, tel: 207-1377 (00-24)
Operating Unit "Chapel", Deligradska 36, tel: 361-5573, 361-5583

Novo groblje, Ruzveltova 50, 270-1300
Centralno groblje, Zaplanjska 47a, 2461-463
Banjičko groblje, Kraljice Ane bb, 2461-463
Topčidersko groblje, Pionirska 6, 3554-744
Zemunsko groblje, Sibinjanin Janka bb 1, 618-150
Groblje Lešće, Slanački put bb, 278-2286
Groblje Orlovača, Ibarski put bb, 354-8723, 354-8691
Groblje Nova bežanija, Gandijeva bb, 2164-942
Groblje Stara bežanija, Mustafe Golubića 4
Groblje Zbeg, Zrenjaninski put bb, 332-0050

Novo groblje, Ruzveltova 50, (00-24) 207-1391
Nova Bežanija, Gandijeva bb, (07-16 and Saturdays)
RJ "Kapela", Deligradska 36, (07-15 and Saturdays)
Orlovača, Ibarski put bb, (08-16 and Saturdays)
RJ VMA, (08-16 and Saturdays)

Novo groblje, Centralno groblje, Banjičko groblje: 207-1338, 207-1347, 207-1308
Novo i Staro bežanijsko, Zemunsko groblje: 216-4942, 2178-942
Groblja Lešće i Zbeg: 278-2286
Groblje Orlovača: 3548-691
Groblje Topčider: 3554-744

Novo Cemetery was founded in 1886 and it is the oldest cemetery of Belgrade.

PUC "Pogrebne usluge" performs all the operations in connection to funerals of the deceased. The funerals are organized every day at all ten cemeteries of Belgrade, except on Sundays and first day of any state Holiday. The Company’s operations include:
- Funeral preparations,
- Burials and cremations,
- Renting of the properly equipped spaces at a cemetery,
- Sales of the arranged graves, family graves, urn graves and/or columbaria,
- Sales of funeral outfit and flowers,
- Printing of obituaries – death notices, and
- Transport of the deceased inland and abroad, and so on...

If the death occurs at the apartment, the family is to contact the Operating Unit "Servisna služba" for obtaining a death certificate, which is issued by the forensic medicine doctor (for the central City area) or a medical doctor of the closest medical institution at the territory.

If the death occurs in a hospital, the competent hospital services shall issue the discharge papers and death certificate, on the basis of which the municipal registrar, where the hospital is located shall issue the Certificate of Death. On the grounds of the above listed documents, the Operating Unit "Kapela" issues an official document required for appointing and performing the burial.