Road Maintenance

JKP "Beograd put"
Dragoslava Srejovića 8a
Switchboard: 2763-966

Ivan Tejić, tel. 3223-501, 3302-801

Deputy Managing Director, tel: 3223-505
Technical Manager, tel: 3302-810

Info Service: 2638-154

Dragoslava Srejovića 8a, 2763-966, 2763-943

On Duty Service (00-24), tel: 2765-382, 2750-891
Purchasing and Sales Service, tel: 2071-606
Legal and Administrative Service, tel: 2621-422, 2621-499
Asphalt Plant "Viline vode", tel/fax: 2762-880
Construction Operations Department,  tel: 2071-640, fax: 2763-277
Plant and Equipment Department, tel: 2071-671
Transport Department, tel/fax: 2761-757
Traffic Operations Department, tel: 2071-701, tel/fax: 2762-439
Study and Designing Department, tel: 2071-741, fax: 2762-848

The "Beograd put" Company was founded by the Assembly of the City of Belgrade in 1953 as the Road Directorate of the City of Belgrade. In 1975, the Road Directorate developed into the "Beograd put" Company and as of 1990, it has had the status of the Public Utility Company. The basic operations include the maintenance of Belgrade streets and roads, while the Company's spare capacities are engaged in the construction industry market.

The Public Utility Company maintains approximately 4000 City streets, 550 km of local and 630 km regional roads in the territory of the City of Belgrade, as well as 485 light-controlled intersections and 120,000 traffic signs, and it is responsible for the maintenance of 400 bridges. The Company employs around 1500 employees.

The Construction Operations Department provides undisturbed and safe traffic of vehicles and pedestrians in summer and winter weather conditions, takes care of repairs and improvements to the carriageways and pavements in the City area and maintains regional and local road structures (such as bridges, abutment and retaining curtain walls, etc.). The Company produces asphalt, concrete, and road equipment, as well as all the traffic signs and road markings.

The Traffic Operations Department maintains traffic equipment, markings, traffic signs, traffic lights and luminous signals, keeps the cadastre of road equipment and traffic signs, carries out works for the alternative traffic management and safety of jobsites, including traffic management during massive rally events in the City streets as well.