Parking Services

JKP "Parking servis"
Kraljice Marije 7

Managing Director: Andrija Čupković

Custumer service:
Telephone: 3035-400
Address for letters: Kneza Višeslava 27

• Takovska 31
• Kraljice Marije 7
• Mileševska 51
(Offices are open Monday to Friday from 07.00 to 21.00 and on Saturdays from 07.00 to 14.00)

One of today’s most successful city’s enterprises was founded by the Belgrade City Council as ‘The Office for public garages and car parks Belgrade’, with a view to providing Belgrade citizens with parking spaces. 
The core activities of “Parking Servis” are managing, exploitation and maintenance of public car parks and garages.  Also, “Parking Servis” carries out control and collection of payment on on-street parking spaces. Moreover, the Company also renders other services:
- The Company tows away vehicles (illegally parked vehicles, vehicle wrecks after traffic accidents and damaged vehicles) by the special vehicles by order of the Ministry of the Interior and Communal Inspection. Furthermore, the Company assists by its equipment under special circumstances (such as extraordinary traffic jams, natural catastrophes, etc.) and it manages the traffic during special events.
- The International Terminal in Blok 43 renders the services associated with the custom clearing procedures, such as transshipment, unloading and storage of goods, parking services to freight and passenger vehicles, technical inspection of the passenger, freight and special vehicles, as well as buses, car-wash services and lease of offices to the forwarding agents.