City Housing

JP "Gradsko stambeno"
Danijelova 33
tel. 353-7777, fax 3950-321

Director: Petar Andrijašević

On-Duty Emergency Service (00-24): 3950-300, 3950-301
Customer Service (08.00-16.00): 3950-420, 3950-421, 3950-422, 3950-415
Danijelova 32
Call Centre (08.00-16.00): 353-7777

Technical Department, tel. 3950-221
Legal Department, tel. 3950-363
Financial Department, tel. 3950-391

Real-Estate Sales Service
Kralja Milutina 29, tel: 3640-595

Stari grad, Svetogorska 35, tel. 3950-364
Palilula, Kraljice Marije 17, tel. 3950-365
Savski venac, Brankova 15a, tel. 3950-366
Zvezdara, Subotička 16, tel. 3950-367
Vračar, Kralja Milutina 29, tel. 3640-253
Voždovac, Zaplanjska 16a, tel. 3950-369
Čukarica, Šumadijski trg 6, tel. 3950-370
Novi Beograd, Narodnih heroja 30, tel. 3950-371
Zemun, Dr Nedeljka Ercegovca 27, tel. 3950-372
Rakovica, Borska 40, tel. 3950-373

The City Housing Enterprise was founded on April 1, 1966. After a series of transformations,  the Public Enterprise for Housing Services started its operations based on the Decision passed by the Assembly of the City of Belgrade on April 1, 1990.

Basic operations of the Enterprise include the maintenance of the common areas, equipment and installations of the residential buildings. The operations performed by the Public Enterprise "City Housing" and financing of such operations are defined by the Residential Building and Apartment Maintenance Act (The Official Gazette of the RS, No. 44/95). The maintenance of residential buildings is performed based on contracts concluded with the assemblies of tenants. In order to conclude the contract on the residential building maintenance, the Residential Building Assembly is to issue the Decision on entrusting the maintenance operations to the Public Enterprise "City Housing".

The works carried out by the Public Enterprise "City Housing" on the grounds of the Maintenance Contracts are provided for by Articles 6 and 7 of the Residential Building and Apartment Maintenance Act, and such works include the prevention and/or elimination of risks to life and health of people, or such works that shall secure safety of the beneficiaries and environment. The maintenance costs are collected monthly based on aggregate collection bills of charges, they. The Annual Work Program is adopted by the Managing Board of the Public Enterprise for Housing Services upon the approval of the Belgrade City Assembly.

In addition to the above works, the Public Enterprise "City Housing" carries out other types of works as well. Under separate contracts concluded with the Assemblies of Tenants, the Public Enterprise carries out cleaning of the common building areas (cleaning and washing of corridors, stairs, landings, etc.).

The artisans of various trades are employed in the On-Duty Emergency Service and they are equipped with the sufficient quantity of vehicles and/or required tools, thus they can reach quickly the remotest parts of the City upon a call. The Public Enterprise "City Housing" employees about 200 employees who maintain 12,600 residential buildings with approx. 244,000 apartments.