Urban Public Transport Enterprise

GSP "Beograd"
Kneginje Ljubice 29
Switchboard 3664-000, Fax 2631-760
e-mail: office@gsp.rs

Acting Director: Radiša Momčilović

Dispatching Centre (00-24): 3664-040
Info Service (07-15): 3664-047
Talking Machine: 3033-370, 3033-371
Ticket sales, Skenderbegova 47, 3664-129, 3664-133, 3664-138

Centrala (trams), Kneginje Ljubice 29, 3664-020
Dorćol (trolleys), Kneginje Ljubice 29, 3664-024
Karaburma, Mirijevski bulevar 1, 2772-040
Kosmaj, Autoput Beograd - Niš 2, 2890-029
Novi Beograd, Dr Agostina Neta 1, 2164-355
Zemun, Dunavska 14, 2618-045

Pursuant to the Decision of the Municipal Administration made in 1892, the urban public transport in Belgrade was organized as the individual utility services entitled the "Beogradska varoška železnica" (Belgrade Town Railway) and thus, October 14 is nowadays celebrated as the Day of GSP.

GSP "Beograd" performs the following operations:
- passenger urban and suburban transport by buses, trams and trolleybuses;
- motor vehicle repairs and maintenance, and
- technical inspections.

Daily, the GSP transports about million passengers at approximately 138 lines, by about 1000 vehicles in daily peak hour. The Enterprise employs around 7,000 employees.