Belgrade Land Development Public Agency

Belgrade Land Development Public Agency
Njegoševa 84, tel. 2041-300

Acting Director: Milan Vranić

The Belgrade Land Development Public Agency was founded on  January 1, 1995 under the decision of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, as a public company; nevertheless, it has existed as an organization for implementation of special assignments of importance for the town and building land servicing since 1956 – as the Directorate of Construction of New Belgrade; transformed into the Directorate of Town Construction and Reconstruction in 1965, resulting in the present Agency.

The work of the Agency includes management, servicing, development and improvement of the town building land and facilities of importance for the City of Belgrade. The Agency prepares programs for servicing of the town building land and construction of trunk and other facilities within the community infrastructure, as well as studies, analyses, expert opinions and tenders for the needs of solving of specific spatial, infrastructure and other issues relative to the City servicing. Calculates the values of elements to be applied to determine charges and rental fees for building land servicing and performs other activities related to the building land servicing. For the needs of the employer prepares information of all potential locations, required documentation, basic data and studies for land lease agreements.

Wide range of activities performed by the Agency calls for engagement of expert professionals and efficient modern organization of business operations. The employed are organized in 9 specialized departments:

  • Program and Development  Department
  • Marketing and Information Department
  • Building land Department
  • Preparation and Design Department
  • Department of Property-rights and Legal Affairs
  • Building and Supervision Department
  • Financial Department
  • Department of Personnel and Administrative Affairs
  • Housing Construction Department