Cultural Institutions

The network of cultural institutions of importance to the City of Belgrade, whose work, maintenance, and realization of programs are financed (fully or largely) from the City budget are:

  • Belgrade Drama Theater
  • BITEF Theater
  • Zvezdara Theater
  • Yugoslav Drama Theater
  • Theater on Terazije
  • "Atelje 212" Theater
  • "Duško Radović" Little Theater
  • "Boško Buha" Theater
  • "Pinocchio" Puppet Theater
  • "Puž" Theater
  • Belgrade Cultural Center
  • Belgrade Youth Center
  • Children’s Belgrade Cultural Center
  • Belgrade City Museum
  • Nikola Tesla Museum
  • Museum of Automobiles
  • Pedagogical Museum
  • Heritage House
  • Belgrade City Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments
  • Historical Archives of Belgrade
  • "Beograd" Sales Gallery
  • Šumatovačka – Belgrade Center for Education in Visual Arts
  • Belgrade festivals center - CEBEF
  • Belgrade City Library
  • "Milutin Bojić" Library
  • "Vlada Aksentijević" Library, Obrenovac
  • "Dimitrije Tucović" Library , Lazarevac

With respect to all the above institutions, the City of Belgrade also has the foundation rights in accordance with the legislation.

As for other cultural institutions in Belgrade, look up in the chapter "Culture and Arts".