Belgrade Youth Center

Dom omladine Beograda
Makedonska 22
tel: 3220-127, 3220-133, 3248-202
fax: 3222-226

Acting Director: Nenad Dragović

The Youth Center was founded in 1964, as an alternative cultural center. It was set up by the people who shared their belief in the importance of contemporary culture and arts. From the very beginning, it was conceived as a different source of urban energy, with the trend towards experiments, a tendency it has managed to maintain up to the present days. With a long history and a special place it has in the cultural life of Belgrade, it has been continuously offering various kinds of cultural, educational, and entertainment programs.

In the premises of Belgrade Youth Center one gets insight into the latest visual arts, musical, theatrical, movie picture, and literary achievements. Additionally, there take place different workshops, schools, and counseling activities. On the ground floor of the building, there are the MAVERIK Multimedia Center, TAČKA café, Gallery of the Youth Center and "19 Stairs" Gallery. In the basement of the building, there is a modern, well-equipped movie theater with 520 seats, which is also used as a hall for concerts and panels/discussions.

DOB Gallery is the venue of exhibitions of younger, domestic and foreign artists who are the representatives of the contemporary visual arts scene.

MAVERIK Multimedia center is an informative center with a rich reading room, which holds the latest domestic and foreign periodicals from the areas of culture, arts, and new media. The users also have the computers connected to Internet at their disposal. The activities of the Center also include computer and video workshops, seminars, presentations about potentials and advantages of modern technologies in all domains.

Belgrade Youth Center was founded and intended as a center of versatile multimedia events dedicated to young audience, and such a spirit has been maintained and realized from its start to the present days.