Nikola Tesla Museum

Muzej Nikole Tesle
Krunska 51
tel: 2433-886, fax: 2436-408

Director: Branimir Jovanović

It was founded in 1952, and opened for the public in 1955. The Museum holds the entire personal bequest of Nikola Tesla. The archive materials of the Nikola Tesla Museum consist of the Personal Holdings of Nikola Tesla and a collection of photos. Within the Personal Holdings, which represents the valuable part of the archive, there are the original documents of a rich Tesla’s correspondence with his cousins, renowned scientists, and companies. There are also kept the original Tesla’s works, patents, and patent documentation, plans, and drawings.

The Nikola Tesla’s Museum holds about a 1000 items, classified in nine collections - four collections of technical nature, two collections of personal Tesla’s belongings, and three artistic collections. The largest number of the Museum items is in the personal bequest of Nikola Tesla. The permanent exhibition is displayed on the ground floor and divided in two parts. The first part informs us about the biography of Nikola Tesla, and the second part presents his scientific work with the major inventions and with several mockups that are used for demonstration purposes. The urn containing Nikola Tesla’s ashes is kept in the Museum.

The Museum library contains 786 book holdings, 323 titles of periodicals, collection with about 50,000 newspaper clippings, as well as major holdings of monographs and serial publications about the life and work of Nikola Tesla and related areas from the field of his work. The library materials are primarily used by the Museum staff, but also by other users outside the Museum for elaboration of scientific works and studies. The Museum also has its own publications – all the books published by the Museum are about Nikola Tesla, his life and work and they were published in Serbian and in English.

It is possible to arrange a previously appointed specialized tour of the Museum with the lectures of the curator for groups of over 10 persons. Souvenirs and photos, badges, posters, a guide in English and in Serbian, and other publication of the Museum can be bought in it.

Opening hours: Tuesdays-Fridays: 10.00-18.00, Saturdays-Sundays: 10.00-13.00, closed on Mondays