"Pionirski grad" Sports and Recreation Center

SRC "Pionirski grad"
Kneza Višeslava 27
tel: 3542-094, fax: 3542-093

Director: Ljubomir Jovanović

It is located on the most attractive slope in the environment of Košutnjak, on an area covered with 40 hectares of woods and greenery, which represents the ecological lungs of Belgrade. The construction was started in 1947, and its present-day appearance dates back to 1976.

Within the complex, on an area of 7500 m2, under the roof of the central building, the are the restaurant and a hall with 500 seats, an amphitheater with 600 seats, cabinets, classrooms, a disco club, trim cabinet, visual arts studios, and other facilities for sports and recreation and cultural and entertaining programs. The Center has sports courts for basketball, indoor football, handball, tennis, and athletic tracks for racing in direct contact with the nature. There are also indoor football courts and a squash court (the first and the only one in Belgrade). The elementary-school children may use those modern and particularly well-equipped sports courts free-of-charge in morning hours.

It is a member of the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF).