Orthodox Monasteries


Monastery of Presentation of the Most Holy Mother of God, Vasilija Gaćeše 8, 650-952
Monastery of Transfer of St. Nikolaj's Relics - Grabovac
Monastery of Nativity of the Holy Mother of God - Rajinovac, Begaljica, 890-890
Monastery of St. Gabriel the Archangel, Gradski park bb, Zemun, 615-791
Monastery of the Holy Mother Paraskeva - St. Petka - Fenek, Boljevci, 8446-604
Monastery of the Holy Mother Paraskeva - St. Petka, Sibnica
Monastery of St. Gabriel the Archangel - Tresije, Nemenikuće
Monastery of St. Michael the Archangel - Rakovica, Patrijarha Dimitrija 34, 581-292
Monastery of St. Stefan the Archdeacon - Slanci, Veliko Selo, 784-470
St. Nikolaj's Monastery, Pavlovac, 8219-471

Vasilija Gaćeše 8

The monastery is located at Senjak. It was built in 1936-1937 as endowment building of Persa Milenković, according to the design of the architect Pera Popović. The church was constructed in the traditional style of Serbian mediaeval architecture: designed as a monumental five-domed temple with cross-like foundation. On the built iconostasis there are icons made by Russian painters in 1937-1939. The paintings in the secco technique in 1975-1980, are works of the painter-conservator Dušan Mihajlović.

The St. Nicholas' Chapel has been built within the konak (lodging), which has been raised along with construction of the church. In the monastery yard, there are the graves of the Church dignitaries: Josip the metropolitan of Skopje, Dositej the metropolitan of Zagreb, Arsenije the metropolitan of Budim and Damaskin the metropolitan of Zagreb.

Patrijarha Dimitrija 34

The monastery was built in the XIV century, and the records of it exist since the XVI century. It has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. The church is designed in the Morava school's style: the base is three-leafed with annex and with two external six-sided domes. The old iconostasis was replaced in 1862 with a new, carved one, financed by Knez Mihailo Obrenović. The iconostasis was repaired at the beginning of the XX century, and then the new icons made by the monk and painter Rafailo Momčilović have replaced the old ones.

The monastery has a valuable collection of many precious item, like an important collection of XVII to XIX-century books. There are the family crypts of Jevrem Obrenović and general Milivoje Blaznavac inside the monastery, while outside is the tombstone of the Serbian duke and insurrectionist Vasa Čarapić. In the yard, there are graves of Naum Ičko, Patriarch Dimitrije, Sebastijan Roš and other famous persons.

Gradski park bb, Zemun

The church was built in 1786. The endower was Teodor Toša Apostolović from Thessaloniki, the manufacturer of wax, soap and candles. The church has served first as a quarantine at the border between Turkey and Austria.

The iconostasis, carved in wood and gold-plated, has been made in baroque style, and the icons were made by the painters of Zemun, Dimitrije Bratoglić and his assistant Konstantin Lukić in 1830-1831.