The green and well kept Topčider Park lies in the valley of the Topčiderska reka river. For the nearly a century and a half, this park has been one of the favored picnic areas of the Belgraders. The name Topčider is a Turkish word, originating from Persian and meaning "valley of cannons". In fact, it was here that the Turks had makeshift foundries to cast cannons for the attack on Belgrade in 1521. In 1831 prince Miloš Obrenović gave instructions for the settlement of Topčider. He first had a manor and a church built, and these were followed by a kafana, army barracks and the park.

In the first decades of 19th century the entire zone was characterized by the vineyards and summerhouses of the wealthy. Then, on the swampy ground covered by cattail and cane, the first park in Belgrade was created. Between 1831 and 1833, plane trees have been planted around prince Miloš's manor, and they still stand. Not far from the manor is the Careva ćuprija racetrack, where horse races are held from March to October

The regulation of the Topčider river started after World War II, and in that way too, this natural complex has become the most visited excursion site of Belgrade citizens. In this beautiful, forest ambience, there are the building of the Milošev Konak, the Topčider Church, The Guard House, as well as several restaurants.