Nemanjina Street


After the completion of the construction of the Railway Station in 1884, it became one of the main city communications. It got its name in 1896.

(Ribnica, 1114 - Mount Athos, 1200), Serbian Grand Župan

He was the founder of the Nemanjić dynasty. He governed the district around Toplica, the lower valley of the Ibar, Rasina, Reka and Dubočica. After the death of the Byzantine Emperor Manuel Comnenus (ruled 1143-1180), Stefan attacked the Byzantium together with the Hungarians. He continued to wage wars on his own and to expand his state: he annexed Zeta, Trebinje, Zahumlje and Metohija to Serbia. When Byzantium freed itself from the pressures of the Crusaders, it attacked Nemanja and forced him to return all those lands across the Morava he had conquered. He did, however, manage to retain Serbia's independence.

In order to strengthen his power he relied on the Church, on which he bestowed privileges, gifts and large estates. He has built many churches and monasteries, and in 1196 he abdicated in favour of his middle son Stefan Nemanjić. In the Studenica monastery he became monk Simeon and went to the Holy Mount Athos. There, together with his son Sava, he has built the Chilandar monastery, which would soon become the spiritual center of the Serbs.