Building industry


Building industry has an important place in the economy of Belgrade, and by its share in total potentials and financial effects it holds the third place, right after industry and commerce.

The most part of the building potential of Serbia is located in Belgrade: 80% in project designing, 50% in building construction, 60% in erection work and finishings and 100% in civil engineering.

The Belgrade construction companies deal with project designing, building and construction works according to the engineering system, on domestic and foreign markets, in the areas of:

  • civil engineering (roads, railroads, bridges, tunnels),
  • building construction (residential, industrial, health and many other facilities)
  • hydro-engineering (ports, embankments, irrigation systems, water supply systems and systems for filtration of liquid waste),
  • erection works and finishings in building construction.

Wide international experience gained in many years of construction works abroad (hydro-engineering constructions, industrial and energy complexes, tunnels and bridges, foreign know-how and capacities) guarantees the capability of construction companies to realize the most comprehensive construction and investment projects on domestic and foreign markets. The great number of most complex construction and investment projects realized until today corroborates that ability.

In the area of Belgrade, 4,332 construction companies are registered, and 93% of them are privately owned. But, the greatest part of construction capacities in Belgrade is in the socially-owned companies.